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Warm and Dedicated Caregivers

Established in 2015, Open Hearts Homecare works with highly qualified care professionals. We specialize in the provision of non-medical home care for elderly people and PWDs (persons with disabilities) in need of daily living assistance. Aware that your loved ones deserve understanding, warmth, and caring, our patient caregivers provide all these.

The Challenges We Accept

Coping with the necessities of daily living can be challenging for aging people and PWDs. Even simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, grooming, and shopping can be difficult or unsafe to carry out if a person is not mentally or physically healthy. As caregivers, we are always ready and willing to help make every day worthwhile for you and your loved ones.

Our Inspiration

Our company is owned and managed by Nneka Ochei. We draw inspiration from her real-life experiences as a woman who once single-handedly took care of her grandmother and a daughter suffering from a heart condition. In the time that it took for her daughter to finally recover, Nneka realized that she also wanted to help other people faced with the same responsibility.

The Passion Grows Stronger

Following Nneka’s example when helping patients with dementia, we provide respite care with a steady focus on safety. We believe that senior citizens deserve to live full and independent lives with dignity. As our company leader always emphasizes when reminiscing about her childhood days in the care of grandparents, we take to heart the values of respect, spirituality, and making a difference in the lives of other people.

Get in Touch With Us

To request in-home care services, contact Open Hearts Homecare today. Our services are available in and around Metro Atlanta in the state of Georgia.

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